Retailing Together is the community website for business people who depend on retail sales of apparel, accessories, shoes, and other personal goods. Retailing Together gives the members of our business community a forum to present their problems, promote their successes, educate each other, and make the community stronger through daily publication of interviews, case studies, how-to guides, and news for independent retailers and their business partners.

Independent retailers have long been at a disadvantage compared to larger retailers with economies of scale in technology, buying power, and marketing. Modern Internet technologies offer a way for independent retailers to recapture some of that advantage, but doing so will require a stronger integration between the members of the entire business ecosystem, including manufacturers, independent sales representatives, and independent retailers.

Retailing Together is promoting this integration by hosting a conversation on critical topics, including:

  • Basic Web technology.
  • Basic marketing, emphasizing positioning and promotion.
  • The difficulties and needs of each community member.
  • Ways for community members to work together for mutual benefit.

To achieve our mission, Retailing Together publishes:

  • Interviews with retailers, manufacturers, and line reps.
  • Guides to using Internet tools.
  • Guides to basic marketing topics.
  • Expert opinions and Q&A sessions.
  • Reviews of books and training materials.
  • Case studies of retailing successes and failures.

If you are interested in working with Retailing Together, please contact the publisher, Eric Busboom, at eric@clarinova.com or (858) 386-4134.

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